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In 2008, Turquoise won Best Recipe Book in the Australian Food Media Awards. It also won Best International Book at the prestigious IACP awards in America.


'It all seemed impossibly romantic, this dream of the Orient, and I couldn’t wait to see if for myself.'

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In Turquoise, Greg and Lucy Malouf bring their inimitable blend of food and travel writing to the Turkish culinary landscape. The recipes inspired by their journey capture the intriguing variety and richness of Turkish cuisine. Some are classic favourites, such as Little Kofte Dumplings in minted Yoghurt Sauce; Slow-cooked Lamb with Quinces; and Sticky Apricots Stuffed with Clotted Cream. Many more recipes are unique and imaginative, such as Roast Chicken with Pine Nut and Barberry Pilav Stuffing; Green Olive, Walnut and Pomegranate Salad; Skewered Sweet-spiced Duck and Pistachio Halva ice-cream.

Against a backdrop of diverse landscapes, architecture and local traditions, Greg and Lucy visit spice markets and tiny soup kitchens, enjoy fish sandwiches on the Bosphorus, feast on Ottoman banquets in restaurants and drink cay in ancient tea houses. Share the Maloufs’ unforgettable Turkish journey and discover and extraordinary land that will surprise and delight.


'Turquoise is a stunning book of travel stories and pictures which makes you want to hop on the first flight to Turkey.'


'A mouth-watering exploration of the country’s extensive coastlines, mountaineous heart, rural villages and sprawling capital. The Malouf's taste and travel from bazaars to butchers, home kitchens and city restaurants. They sip wild thyme tea, over-indulge in raki, admire the ballet-like grace of young pastry makers and inhale the heady aromas of Istanbul’s spice bazaar. Between the tales of travel are the recipes, a mixture of tradition and inspiration. As always, Greg Malouf respects history, but lets his own creativity shine.'


'Our favourite ‘take me home’ tome this month is Turquoise: a chef’s travels in Turkey by Greg and Lucy Malouf. He is the chef, Melbourne’s master of Middle Eastern flavours, she the wordsmith. The pair explore Istanbul, rural Anatolia, Cappadocia and more. The recipes reflect their experiences of traditional and modern Turkey – kofte, dill-flavoured zucchini fritters, stuffed sardines, Greg’s chicken-and-pistachio twist on traditional Turkish pizza and tamarind sherbet.'


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