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'I'm a firm believer in the human need for joy – and let's be honest, life would be very bleak without a touch of sweetness from time to time'

SUQAR is a celebration of the sweet Middle East. Through more than 110 exciting recipes, acclaimed food writers, Greg and Lucy Malouf, take you on a sumptuous tour across the region. Be tempted by flaky, nut-stuffed pastries and delicate milk puddings, exotic fruit salads, silken sorbets, syrup-soaked fritters and a delectable range of spiced cakes and cookies, or try your hand at refreshing drinks, exquisite confectionary and preserves.

Many of SUQAR’s recipes are inspired by Greg’s childhood memories, others by the Maloufs’ extensive travels. Some are favourites from Greg’s restaurant menus, past and present, and all meld ancient traditions and modern influences in his signature style. Above all, the recipes in SUQAR express the spirit of sharing and generosity that defines Middle Eastern cuisine.

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