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In 2011, Saraban was shortlisted for the prestigious André Simon Awards.


'Wherever we turn, our eyes are drawn to endless swirling variations of letter and leaf, flower and twisting tendril, which all seem to shimmer and change in the light.'

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Join award-winning authors Greg and Lucy Malouf on an unforgettable journey through the culinary landscapes of ancient Persia and modern-day Iran. With an enticing blend of food and travel, Saraban offers a rare glimpse into a fascinating country that remains elusive and enigmatic to many of us in the Western world. 


The Maloufs follow ancient spice trails to meet pistachio farmers, toffee-makers and saffron growers. They eat in exotic markets and tucked-away dizi restaurants and are invited into the homes of people they meet along the way. They discover a land of generous hospitality, of tea houses, mosques and caravanserais, where the diversity of climate and terrain, a complex history and exquisite art and architecture provide a rich background for one of the world’s oldest and most diverse cuisines.

The recipes in Saraban are much like Iran itself: a coming together of the old and the new. Classic Persian dishes sit alongside reinterpretations and brilliant new creations inspired by the techniques and flavours Greg experienced as he and Lucy travelled through Iran.


Written in Lucy’s evocative style, and enhanced by stunning photography, Saraban is a rich, vivid portrait of modern-day Iran, where the colourful history of Persia is always present.




'Part travelogue, part cookbook, and entirely a beautiful exploration of Iranian culture and food...

...a hint to those who may care: this book is on my Christmas wish-list.'


'Chapters of pure and evocative travel writing as well as vital and intriguing guides to Persian table and food etiquette.

The result is a sumptuous book, a real feast for the senses with wonderful food photography, people and places and recipes that make you sigh with longing. One day perhaps we can all take a caravan to Iran and discover the food for ourselves. 

Until then, this book will do very nicely.'


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