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'By Moorish, what we mean, loosely, is the cuisine that sprang up as a result of the Arabic occupation of North Africa in the eighth century. This is the culinary mix that we explore in this book: a feast of dishes from Mecca to to Marrakech.'

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Use chermoula as readily as pesto, be as comfortable with tagines as with casseroles and make spices such as sumac and saffron as much a part of your repertoire as basil and rosemary.’


Greg and Lucy Malouf have compiled a collection of mouth-watering recipes inspired by the flavours of North Africa, Spain, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East – regions united by a common thread that winds its way back to Arabia.


Beautifully illustrated and written in Lucy’s engaging style, Moorish is, above all, a passionate celebration of flavour that will inspire and delight the adventurous home cook.


'We’ll look back on 2009 as a time of Malouf mania. This re-issue of their 2001 classic sets out 14 chapters covering salads and snacks to poultry, meat and desserts. There are about 120 recipes, none particularly difficult and many featuring an unashamedly cross-cultural bent (Lebanese club sandwich with crab, avocado and tabbouleh, anyone?) A real strength of the book is as a reference tool for the spices, dressings and relishes that underscore the flavours of northern Africa and the Middle East.'


'You'll have a hard time keeping away from the kitchen after reading this book. There's nothing difficult about any of the 

recipes – although you will have to stock up on spices – but the Malouf's take on food is different enough to make even 

the most blasé of home cooks sit up and take notice.'


'The Chocolate Pistachio Cake is a must-try and recipes such as Atlantic Salmon Grilled with Fennel, Lime and Sumac transform everyday food into an adventure.'


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