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'The recipes in this book are exactly the kind of ‘new’ Middle Eastern food that I started dreaming about all those years ago. They reflect my own culinary journey, which I have loved, and I hope that you will enjoy sharing it too.'

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A comprehensive collection of 340 of the Malouf’s favourite recipes which showcases Greg’s distinctive new kind of Middle Eastern food. 


Inspired by his extensive travels around North Africa and Moorish Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, Greg’s recipes are full of exciting flavours, aromas and colours and are, above all, a celebration of the spirit of generosity and sharing that characterises the region.


'Greg and Lucy Malouf are synonymous with Middle Eastern cuisine...Their latest cookbook features over 300 recipes from a lifetime of cooking.'


'When it comes to Middle Eastern cooking, the buck stops with Greg Malouf.'


'There’s not a lot Greg Malouf doesn’t know about Middle Eastern food – for years he’s exposed the public to the cuisine through his MoMo restaurant and five books, written with former wife Lucy and based on travels in the region. His take, while grounded in tradition, is to apply a contemporary twist to fare from territories stretching from Moorish Spain to North Africa and Turkey. This tome of tweaked and updated recipes ... sums up Greg’s philosophy and is divided into soups, small dishes, large dishes, side dishes, bakery, sweet and larder, running from the basic (parsnip skordalia, taramasalata) to the refined (pigeon tagine with dates and ginger, the classic veiled quail with rice, date and rose petal stuffing). An impressive collection.'


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