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In 2011 Arabesque was voted best Australian cookbook in the World Food Media Awards and won third place in the overall competition.


One of Australia's Top 10 Most Influential Cookbooks.

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Since its publication in 1999, this award-winning collection of 170 recipes has become a modern-day classic, earning international acclaim as the ultimate guide to modern Middle Eastern cuisine by the master of the genre.


In Arabesque, Greg and Lucy Malouf present a comprehensive A–Z of ingredients widely used in Middle Eastern cooking. The list covers everything from the basics, such as almonds, lemons and yoghurt, through to lesser-known ingredients such as pomegranates, rosewater and sumac. A brief description and history of each ingredient is provided, as well as invaluable tips on how to select, prepare and cook them.

Arabesque is a volume to read, use and treasure – a must for anyone interested in creative cooking and culinary history. It will inspire professional chefs, the keen home-cook and the gourmet alike.


'I remember getting my hands on this book for the first time and reading it from cover to cover, it was that good. I think it should be up there as a bit of a bible; an ultimate guide to Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s very factual, the recipes are simple to follow and the flavours are mind-blowing.'


'Again and again, this elegantly photographed book makes good on its promise to challenge outdated notions of Middle Eastern cuisine and teach readers where particular dishes hail from.'


'Arabesque is a hefty achievement: inspiring, informative and easy to use. More to the point, it is a window on the unique modern cuisine of chef Greg Malouf, a cuisine he describes as "food which captures the essence of the Middle East and expresses it in the best Western Tradition". Nicely put, as is much of the hyperbole-free writing in Arabesque.'


'I'm sold on Greg Malouf. . . . I like his swing back and forth between old and new and his sensitivity with spices is especially brilliant. Spices insinuate into dishes, enhancing and improving the food. . . . He is a brilliant chef. I like the way his food plays with my head.'


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